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Bradley Peterson is a graphic designer and illustrator who moved to New York City 22 years ago to pursue his twin dreams of rock superstardom and children's book illustration. After years of juggling both, Brad refocused his energy on his first love, (and if he's honest, his true calling)...illustration. In 2017 Brad moved his family to Boston to be closer to family and to focus solely on his freelance career.


Working for the last 13 years designing graphics for both licensed and fashion backpacks, as well as an endless array of freelance projects, Bradley has been able to hone his skills as a graphic designer and illustrator while developing a client list that includes Walt Disney Studios, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Pixar, The Maurice Sendak Estate, and Heineken.


In 2009, Brad co-created Mojo Backpacks (, a lifestyle backpack brand driven by edgy graphics and an urban sensibility. His design, "Mr. Peterson" was the brand's top selling backpack for two years straight.


Brad has also written and illustrated a middle grade illustrated novel set beneath New York City which he's been refining and polishing with the hope of one day finding a publisher.


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